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LA Touffe is a lifestyle.

A choice of 9 colors.

Unisex products.

Our fibers are 100% natural.

One step away from addiction

THE Solution LA Touffe.

Temporary but immediate results.

LA Touffe solution is specifically designed to temporarily camouflage sparse areas of hair. No stress! It’s water-, wind- and perspiration-resistant, right up to the next shampoo! Made from cotton flowers, it’s also 100% natural.

Eco-responsible consumption!

Using a product in reusable format means adopting healthy consumption habits that you can be proud of!



Light blond

Medium blond

Dark blond

Light brown

Medium brown

Brun foncé

Dark brown


Free delivery on all purchases including THE Refill pack

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LA Totale

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J’obtiens immédiatement plus de cheveux, je suis impressionnée à chaque fois!


Quand je retrouve l’aspect d’avoir encore tous mes cheveux, je me sens à mon meilleur et ça n’a pas de prix.


On ne voit aucune différence avec mes cheveux, je trippe!


Le petit 2 minutes de plus à ma routine, qui change ma tête jusqu’au prochain shampoing.


Mon incontournable beau temps comme mauvais temps.



Does it hold?

You bet! You can have peace of mind. The solution is designed to withstand wind, water, perspiration and more. For best results, we recommend spraying with LA Touffe hairspray, which is specifically designed for the hair-filling solution.

Will my hair grow back?

This product is not designed to promote hair regrowth. It is a product that temporarily fills in areas of thinning hair.

How do I remove the product from my hair?

A simple shampoo is all it takes to easily remove it.

Is it difficult to apply?

Not at all! It’s the same principle as using a salt shaker. The important thing is to make sure you cover all the thinning areas of hair to achieve an even result.

Does it take long to apply?

It usually takes as little as 5 minutes!

How many uses can I make of a 25g sachet?

The number of uses varies according to each user’s hair shortage. As a general rule, more than thirty uses are possible, making it an economical product.

Will this product damage my hair?

LA Touffe hair filling solution is 100% natural and made from cotton flowers. It is therefore very gentle on hair and scalp.

I have no more hair, is this product suitable for me?

Unfortunately no, you need a few hairs to allow the solution to hold.

How does it work?

A mini science lesson: because of the electrostatic charging, the cotton particles in the solution stick to each hair until the next shampoo. The cotton is negatively charged, while the hair is positively charged. A bit like rubbing a party balloon on your hair and it sticks to your head. It’s science… or magic!

Can I use styling products?

In most cases, you can continue to use your favorite styling products without any problem, as long as they don’t weigh your hair down.

Why choose LA Touffe products?

Because it’s an excellent alternative to hair transplantation, effective and inexpensive. It delivers immediate, reliable results. LA Touffe is 100% natural and environmentally friendly, as it is sold in refill bags only.

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